Apps like Mobdro : Best Alternatives

We want best of everything from a smartphone to relationship in our lives. And, the same stands for the online streaming app so that you can enjoy entertainment like never before. Presently, Mobdro is one the most used online streaming app for movies any form of entertainment streaming online. With this app you can stream videos, TV channels and much more on your device and can watch the same anytime anywhere and all that without any cost. It is one the most lightweight streaming app to capture live streams viral around the web including hundreds of TV shows, channels, and movies. We want you to enjoy unlimited entertainment here’s why we have come up with a list of other online streaming apps like Mobdro wherein you can enjoy the same entertainment for Sports, Windows, Android, and iOS.

I know you’re enticed now and would like to download Mobdro on your device to enjoy unlimited entertainment like never before. And, all that is because of the unique features the app has to offer. With this app you can watch movies, TV channels, sports and other online streaming viral videos with HD quality, anytime, anywhere, free of cost, subtitles, languages, a variety of options and save and download the same and watch at your own time and convenience.

How to Download Mobdro

Don’t know how to install Mobdro? Don’t fret? Here’s a quick guide that will describe how to download this guide in no time.

Enable Unknown Sources

 To install Mobdro properly, all you need to do is to allow apps from “Unknown Sources”. For doing so, open the Settings option on your device, tap on “Security”. Scroll down to find “Unknown Sources” and allow the app to install but Play Store. Your device will ask you to confirm and tap on option, “OK”.

Download the app

You can download this app free from their official website on your mobile device. It’s totally efficient and can be used for as long as you like.


As soon you complete the download scroll down the notification screen to tap on the download notification.


Your device will ask you to approve the requirements that the Mobdro app wants, including network access. Later you can tap to install and voilà — have fun with online streaming entertainment.

Presently, Mobdro is an online streaming application unlimited fun and entertainment that serves the purpose. There are many apps like available providing the same services for their users. This post can be used as a guide for some of the Best Mobdro Alternatives.

Mobdro Alternative Apps

  1. Livestream
  2. Mivo
  3. Showbox
  4. UtrailMe
  5. Popcorn Time


Livestream is one of the most popular online video streaming applications after Mobdro. It is generally used for streaming live entertainment and also for broadcasting TV shows. It is used to watch and stream videos, movies, music, live shows and a lot more. The other remarkable feature that Livestream is known for is the live communication. Consequently, we can simply connect with Livestream customers.

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  • Using Livestream we can watch live shows, events, sports, etc.
  • HD quality online streaming is also available
  • Can discover broadcasts done by other users at the same time watch your broadcast.
  • You can chat with the users while streaming the live video.

After Mobdro, Livestream is an exclusive application in its class. This application is ideal for those who prefer to travel around, loves adventure, concert lovers, etc. It let you take live videos of the things around you.


Our next best online streaming alternative app is Mivo. It is video streaming application providing dual features at the same time. You can watch online videos and TV channels as well. If you’re a movie buff then you’ll enjoy every bit and piece about this app. The best part of this app is that everything is available in the HD version.

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  • You can download in offline mode as well for top 10 videos
  • It offers around 50 channels and these are free to watch
  • You can share videos with their friends as well and double the enjoyment level.

Mivo is quite famous among its users as it provides all genres of movies, sports, TV channels shows etc. It also provides the free download on their top 10 trending videos and is a tough competitor in the market. This app is no doubt a tough contestant to others in the market.


Showbox is another remarkable online streaming application that is made to offer its users with their favorite, movies and is planned to entertain the users with all their favorite movies, cartoons, sports, TV shows and music videos. It is a reliable app and lets you look for all videos in a single click and you don’t need to travel to other sites for watching them. It’s a total package for users who wish to enjoy movies, TV shows, and other streaming videos anytime anywhere. It simply means you need not worry about missing any of your movie or shows. Similarly, running this app on a larger screen .i.e. PC is not taxing anymore. If you’re looking for an app that easy and simple proving you the required features then this could be your pick.


UtrailMe is an additional alternative to Mobdro. Moreover, providing the users with awesome content it also lets online video streaming. It has many exciting features obtainable like automatic content sharing, online video broadcasting plus sharing with friends. It allows online streaming live video promptly then exploring other videos besides sharing videos on social media.

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  • User-friendly application
  • Can share videos on social media profiles promptly
  • It is responsible for storing videos. These videos are handy, every time we want.

UtrailMe is essentially the best option for the individuals who love to post live videos on their social profiles. On the flip side, it let you explore different videos of our choice conferring to the groups offered.

There are different options accessible to Mobdro Online Tv.  Users as per their taste can select different applications. All such apps mentioned above comprises of unique features and a good alternative to Mobdro app.


Popcorn Time is our next famous online streaming app from torrents. It offers unlimited TV shows and movies. If you’re a movie buff then you’re in for a treat as here you can enjoy one of the best versions of the media streaming. It is multi-platform with free and open source media player with for subtitles.


  • Great Movies

This app is constantly searching all over the web for the best of the best torrents from the most authoritative sites.

  • Awesome Catalogue

If there is any movie out on the market, this app makes sure to find the best version possible and starts streaming it in one go.

  • No restrictions

There are no restrictions you can watch any movie or TV show anytime anywhere. All you need is to get a good internet connection and you’re good to go.

  • HD Quality

Watch movies or TV shows instantly with this app on HD along with subtitles. And, enjoy entertainment like never before.

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