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If you’re truly a movie buff then you must have tried watching latest movies or TV shows on your android device surely. In today’s day and age, nobody has time to watch movies or TV shows on the scheduled time at the comfort of your home.  Life is so busy and fast-paced these days and likewise, entertainment is. We all want to be entertained but at our time and convenience. That’s where online streaming apps come into the picture. Terrarium TV is one such app that let you watch online movies, TV shows, and other viral videos online from across the world. The best part about this app is that it’s absolutely free, unlimited, free downloading, HD quality and much more. With this app, you can watch unlimited movies online with TV shows across the world and in different languages. The unique thing about this app is that the videos from this App can be downloaded for offline viewing as well. It also supports multi-language subtitles. It also provides support for Fire TV and Fire Stick as well.


With all great features, this app is nothing but the best for movie lovers. Since entertainment is so wide and so should be your option here’s why we’ve come up with best similar apps like Terrarium TV. In this post, we’re providing you a list of Apps with their features, which you can try for free.

Showbox 4.92: (Android and iOS)

Showbox is one of the most famous apps just for Terrarium TV. It has made its status because of its exceptional features. The design of this app is similar to Terrarium TV. This app also provides full HF support along with online streaming videos. The App also ropes Chromecast, so, it is best to use for those, who regularly Chromecast from their phone. Just so you know this app is not accessible in the Google Play store for download.


While all the online streaming apps are available for free, Netflix apk is only the application which you need to spend money on. Even if you are getting it with some buck, the worth of the app is more than the bucks you have spent on Netflix apk. Content curb is only the downside perceived in Netflix apk which has not ensued in the case of other replacements of Terrarium apk specified here.


Viewster is the application that has been developed for animation movies and videos. You can experience the anime on your device using Viewster apk. Viewster is particularly intended for animated movies but the app is also obtainable for streaming normal videos with High definition and visual effects. You can give a try to know the features comprised of the app.

Cartoon HD 3.0.2 (Android and iOS)

Cartoon HD is one the best apps for Terrarium TV. Cartoon HD is known as one of the first online mobile streaming Apps.  The App is frequently updated to provide its user with the newest content. As the name advises, the App provides a widespread database of cartoon based HD movies for flowing and downloading.

Popcorn Time (Android and iOS)

Popcorn Time App is accessible for mobiles and PC/laptop. The system presented by this App is somewhat different from other Apps. Instead of nonstop streaming movies or shows, this App provisionally downloads them to the device or PC and keeps it deposited until done.  But the storage is not of a lasting kind. If one does not look out the downloaded content, it gets removed mechanically.

Playview 10.0.1 (Android and iOS)

PlayView is another app for online streaming of cinema and TV shows, but this App does not work alone. It operates in sync with many other video streaming Apps and services like Nowvideo, Moevideos, Putlocker, Streamcloud, etc. What to choose depends on the choice of the user. As this App provides links in different languages, a user can opt to watch a Spanish, Swedish or English movie with or without any subtitle. The only drawback is that all the links for downloading the cinema, may or may not work.

Movie HD 4.4.2 (Android and iOS)

Movie HD App is shaped by the creators of Sky HD and HD Cinema. In look and design, this App is alike to the Apps like Show Box, Popcorn time, etc. This app is also reorganized on a daily basis. The app ropes all types of video standards and purposes. With online streaming, one can even copy the videos for offline watching as well. The dynamic classification of videos on this App makes the searching proficiency more enjoyable.


Vidmate apk is one of the best video streaming applications which have set the trend for all the android devices. The features of Vidmate apk comprises live streaming and free download of any video directly from your device. Vidmate apk is an additional best alternative for Terrarium TV. Videos which you find while using other applications can naturally are downloaded by using Vidmate apk. This app will work as web browsers where you can search ad download any video for free.

Snag films

Snag Films apk will offer you the services like live streaming, TV shows, video and much more for free. If you want to go through the Terrarium TV apk for watching movies then Snag films apk can do it with ease. Multiple language movies, documentaries, videos, short films and much more are possible with Snag films apk.

Newest Movies HD

Newest Movies HD online streaming app enables latest movies and TV shows for free. The app is famous more for its cartoon and animes movies for free. The UI of this app is quite interactive and user-friendly. Beforehand, the services as long as by this app were ads-free, but its latest version is not free of ads. The good thing is that the ads are not very frustrating. The App support videos of all the qualities and mechanically places all the videos methodically in different sorts.


In this post, we’ve highlighted multiple alternatives of apps like Terrarium TV but still suggest use Terrarium TV. The list is comprehensive and every app is one of the best one at their respective place. Enjoy entertainment like never before with these apps.

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