Cartoon HD App APK : Watch Free Movies/TV Shows Online

If you’re a cartoon and anime lover then you’re in for a treat as in this post we’re reviewing Cartoon HD App. This app is a famous streaming app and as the name suggests Cartoon HD lets you watch famous anime, cartoon, movies and TV shows on Android and iOS devices.

The user interface is simple and user-friendly. It is easy to navigate all the features that this app has to offer. And the fun doesn’t end here, you can also download movies and TV shows online at zero cost. Can you imagine entertainment in all shape and format no cost at all? The user can watch all TV shows and movies in offline mode as well. You can also set the resolution of the video as per their preference from low to high. With this app, the user can watch all sort of animated movies, cartoons, TV shows and entertainment in all shapes and forms. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows PC.

With this HD App, you can watch unlimited entertainment shows and movies online. You can check the Cartoon HD feature which gives you fantastic viewing experience.

Cartoon HD Features

  • The user will get the daily notification about the upcoming films and TV shows.
  • You can also play in an offline mode.
  • The user can also download the movies along with media files.
  • It comes with spectacular and simple to use interface.
  • The user can also select the quality of the image as per the requirement


Just so you know, this remarkable video app is not available on the official Apple store, don’t worry you can still use this on your device. So, if you’re an initial Cartoon HD user or existing one but deleted your account follow the instructions mentioned below.

For your information, to install Cartoon HD app on your iOS device, firstly, you need to jailbreak to your device. However, you can use the same without jailbreak.

Follow these steps to download and install Cartoon HD for iOS.

Step 1

Firstly, unlock your iOS device. For that matter follow the steps

Go to settings and choose “General” then tap on “Date and Time”. The next thing is to turn off, “Set Automatically” and now you need to change the date as to 1 August 2014.

Step 2

Click opens your browser and goes the provided link and click on “install”.

Step 3

Once you click on the installation, a pop up will show up, click again on the, “Install”.

Step 4

Once the installation is done, change your date and time from your device to the real one. Essentially, you need to change the date only during the installation process.

Step 5

Open the Cartoon HD on your iOS device by tapping on the icon. You will see additional pop up will show on your screen. Click on the ‘Trust’ option.

Cartoon HD Online for Android

  • To download Cartoon HD App on your android device you need to make few changes in your phone settings.
  • The first step is to go to “Settings” option.
  • The second step is making “Unknown Sources” enable by checking the option box sited at the right side which lets the user download apps from any of the unknown sources.
  • Next step is to download APK file of the Cartoon HD on your device.
  • Then you need to click on the “Download Cartoon HD APK”.
  • Once you download the APK completely you’ll find the icon.
  • Just by following these simple steps, you can download Cartoon HD App on your phone and start watching Live TV or your missed cartoon, TV shows, and streaming content.

Cartoon HD App offers unlimited TV series, anime clips, full-length moves and all that for free. It is made for the user’s convenience and entertainment. This app is full of value. Just so you know Cartoon HD app is longer accessible on any recognized platform or portal like Google Play or any app store. The app has been taken down from the official gateways for copyright issue.

No snuffles just yet. We have come with good news as well. Though the app is no more inside present Google and Apple’s yard, you can still have this app from other sources over the internet. Nonetheless, the safety of your device comes in place when you are passing up over “Unknown Sources”.

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